About Dynacolor

For more than 25 years, DynaColor dedicates itself to be an "image solution provider." Starting with award-winning CRT alignment system, DynaColor became the industry leader in high quality, cost effective multiplexer and industrial camera over the years. In the rapidly changing digital surveillance market, DynaColor develops a wide range of competitive products, which offer our clients a comprehensive product portfolio and the flexibility for customization.

We believe having a strong R&D team is the foundation to providing our customers innovative solutions. With highly experienced engineers (over 50% of total employees) in DynaColor, we can assure our clients the competitiveness and reliability of our products. Through OEM projects, commissioned by top brands around the world, we possess the critical know-how and credentials to serve our clients in accordance to their specific needs. We adopt the ISO 9001 standard to regulate our administrative process and to ensure strict quality control process. It is our commitment to quality, innovation and customer support that provides our clients the advantage to excel in the ever evolving and highly competitive market.

In the new millennium, amid optimistic prospect yet challenged by fierce competition in the industry, DynaColor will focus on providing our customers the total video surveillance solution, synchronizing video camera products, digital video recorders and system control units. With our advanced video processing technology, solid system integration credential and competence in customized products, we believe DynaColor is the solution for your video surveillance requirement.