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PVC Fisheye Counting System

  • pdm01


  • PE/PP film gel counting system is to count the number of gels and impurities in PE/PP films.
  • The system is designed for counting the number of gels in a given area.
  • Implemented image processing technology, the gel distribution result can be learnt immediately.
  • High speed scan cameras with high linear light source are used to replace human eyes for gel counting.
  • Computerized high-accuracy inspection effectively reduces manual counting error.
  • Operated in Windows system, measuring process can be simplified using shortcut keys.
  • The inspection result of data distribution is shown in graphics for easy data examinations.
  • Data can be output to a file or printed out, adding more convenience to data inspection.
  • The system can be applied to all types of film blowing machines with the ability of inspecting various types of material choices, including HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and EVA.