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Shorting Bar Signal Generator, 12-36Ch

  • pdm01


  • The signal generator is designed to send signals to control 1~85” LCD/GOA panels.
  • Resettable fuse is employed to protect against damages of external voltage inversion.
  • Max signal output: 36 sets of waveforms.
  • D8754 Output Voltage: -20~+40V, 500mA max.
  • Signal waveforms can be modified. Voltage resolution: 0.025V; time base: 1us.
  • External access and control is allowed via network and RS-232 port.
  • Internal waveform data can be output or adjusted easily using an external keyboard.
  • D8734/D8754 is able to output waveforms instantaneously for immediate check-up and modification.
  • Waveforms data can be transmitted via USB flash drive or network.