AI-Powered – Autotracking Gen2

 4/25/2024    Taipei, Taiwan

Presenting our groundbreaking Autotracking Gen2 feature—an AI-Powered innovation poised to transform surveillance and monitoring. With advanced AI-driven detection, recognition, and tracking functionalities, this cutting-edge technology guarantees unmatched precision and smoothness even across extended distances, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

Seamlessly responsive, Autotracking Gen2 facilitates rapid zoom and focus adjustments, effortlessly capturing moving objects in diverse lighting conditions with maximum efficiency.

Now seamlessly integrated into all Dynacolor PTZ products, our Autotracking Gen2 function empowers you to elevate your security and surveillance to unprecedented levels.

Demo video is now available at  Click Here

Contact us today to explore how this revolutionary technology can enhance the protection of your property and assets.

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