Model L

Latest Sensor Technology

The new developed SWIR image sensor is capable to sense from 400nm spectral to 1700nm spectral simultaneously, and the max 85% QE is achieved at 1200nm.

Through the new developed manufacturing process and design, this new sensor reduces the defective pixels and improve the uniformity greatly. It also enables us to reduce the pixel size to achieve 1.3M resolution from VGA format.

  The SenSWIR logo is trademark of Sony Corporation.

Super Speed USB 3.1 Gen1

With the USB3.1 Gen1 super speed interface, FB Series provides high speed image transferring capability.

Easy Integration

Compatible with USB3 vision and GenICam standards, FB Series offers smooth end-to-end configuration interface which reduces the integration effort and accelerates system deployment.

FB-W4-M0.33 MP640 x 512240 fpsSony IMX9911/4”5 μmGlobalCSWIR MonoUSB 3.1
FB-W2-M1.31 MP1280 x 1024120 fpsSony IMX9901/2”5 μmGlobalCSWIR MonoUSB 3.1
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