Color / Mono / Polarized
Model S

Latest Sensor Technology

With latest global shutter CMOS image sensor, FE Series are available with various resolutions as well as sensors from leading manufacturers to achieves high-speed image capturing, high sensitivity and low readout noise.

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Long Distance Capability

Gigabit Ethernet interface enables long distance application with a maximum cable length of 100m. Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows data and power transmission over one cable, reducing installation and maintenance efforts.

Easy Integration

Compatible with GigE vision and GenICam standards, FE Series offers smooth end-to-end configuration interface which reduces the integration effort and accelerates system deployment.

ModelsMPResolutionFPSImage SensorFormatPixel
FE-01-C/M0.3 MP640 x 480240 fpsSony IMX3971/6.4”3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-02-C/M0.4 MP728 x 544120 fpsSony IMX2971/3”6.9 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-03-C/M0.4 MP728 x 544284 fpsSony IMX2871/3”6.9 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-04-C/M0.5 MP812 x 620223 fpsSony IMX4331/1.8”9 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-05-C/M0.5 MP812 x 620223 fpsSony IMX4261/1.8”9 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-06-C/M1.5 MP1456 x 108860 fpsSony IMX2961/3”3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-07-C/M1.5 MP1456 x 108872 fpsSony IMX2731/3”3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-O4-C/M2 MP1920 x 120048 fpsOnsemi AR0234CS1/2.6”3 μm GlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-VE-C2 MP1600 x 130052 fpsOmniVision OG02B101/2.9”3 μm GlobalC ColorGigE
FE-VH-M2 MP1600 x 130052 fpsOmniVision OG02B1B1/2.9”3 μm GlobalC MonoGigE
FE-09-C/M2 MP1624 x 124055 fpsSony IMX4301/1.8”4.5 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-10-C/M2 MP1624 x 124055 fpsSony IMX4221/1.8”4.5 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-11-C/M2 MP1936 x 121648 fpsSony IMX3021/1.2”5.86 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-SO-C/M2 MP1936 x 121630 fpsSony IMX2491/1.2”5.86 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-N6-C2 MP1920 x 120048 fpsSony IMX3921/2.3”3.45 μmGlobalCColorGigE
FE-N6-M2 MP1920 x 120048 fpsSony IMX3921/2.3”3.45 μmGlobalC MonoGigE
FE-12-C/M2 MP1936 x 121648 fpsSony IMX1741/1.2”5.86 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-13-C/M2 MP1936 x 146439 fpsSony IMX4372/3”4.5 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-14-C/M2 MP1936 x 146439 fpsSony IMX4292/3”4.5 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-15-C/M2 MP1936 x 146439 fpsSony IMX4212/3”4.5 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-SR-C3 MP2048 x 1536 34 fpsSony IMX2651/1.8"3.45 μm GlobalC ColorGigE
FE-SR-M3 MP2048 x 1536 34 fpsSony IMX2651/1.8"3.45 μm GlobalC MonoGigE
FE-N4-C/M3 MP2048 x 153635 fpsSony IMX2521/1.8"3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-SP-C/M5 MP2448 x 204822 fpsSony IMX2502/3"3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-SQ-C5 MP2448 x 204823 fpsSony IMX2642/3”3.45 μm GlobalC ColorGigE
FE-SQ-M5 MP2448 x 204823 fpsSony IMX2642/3”3.45 μm GlobalC MonoGigE
FE-SP-P5 MP2448 x 204822 fpsSony IMX250MZR2/3”3.45 μm GlobalC Polarized MonoGigE
FE-O2-C5MP2592 x 204820 fpsOnsemi XGS50002/3”3.2 μm GlobalC ColorGigE
FE-O2-M5MP2592 x 204820 fpsOnsemi XGS50002/3”3.2 μm GlobalC MonoGigE
FE-SS-C/M5MP2592 x 194422 fpsSony IMX3351/3”2 μmRollingC Color/MonoGigE
FE-16-C/M5MP2448 x 204822 fpsSony IMX5681/1.8”2.74 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-N8-C/M5MP2448 x 204822 fpsSony IMX5481/1.8”2.74 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-17-C/M5MP2448 x 204822 fpsSony IMX5671/1.8”2.74 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-N7-C/M5MP2448 x 204822 fpsSony IMX5471/1.8”2.74 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-18-C/M5 MP2448 x 204822 fpsSony IMX5371/1.8”2.74 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-SP-C/M5 MP2448 x 204822 fpsSony IMX2502/3”3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-21-C/M8 MP4096 x 216012 fpsSony IMX3051”3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-22-C/M8 MP4096 x 216012 fpsSony IMX2671”3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-23-C/M8 MP2840 x 284013 fpsSony IMX5662/3”2.74 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-24-C/M8 MP2840 x 284013 fpsSony IMX5462/3”2.74 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-N9-U8 MP2840 x 284013 fpsSony IMX4872/3”2.74 μmGlobalC UV MonoGigE
FE-40-C/M8 MP2840 x 284013 fpsSony IMX5362/3”2.74 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-26-C/M8 MP4112 x 217612 fpsSony IMX2551”3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-27-C/M9 MP3003 x 300312 fpsSony IMX5331”3.76 μmRollingC Color/MonoGigE
FE-SF-C/M12 MP4000 x 30009 fpsSony IMX2261/1.8”1.85 μmRollingC Color/MonoGigE
FE-28-C/M12 MP4096 x 30009 fpsSony IMX5651/1.1”2.74 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-29-C/M12 MP4096 x 30009 fpsSony IMX5451/1.1”2.74 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-SZ-C12MP4096 x 30008 fpsSony IMX3041.1”3.45 μm GlobalC ColorGigE
FE-SZ-M12MP4096 x 30008 fpsSony IMX3041.1”3.45 μm GlobalC MonoGigE
FE-30-C/M12 MP4096 x 30009 fpsSony IMX5351/1.1”2.74 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-31-C/M12 MP4112 x 30089 fpsSony IMX2531.1”3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-34-C/M16 MP5456 x 30766 fpsSony IMX3874/3”3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-35-C/M19 MP4416 x 44285 fpsSony IMX3674/3”3.45 μmGlobalC Color/MonoGigE
FE-NE-C20 MP5472 x 36485 fpsSony IMX1831”2.4 μmRollingC ColorGigE
FE-NE-M20 MP5472 x 36485 fpsSony IMX1831”2.4 μmRollingC MonoGigE
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