Color / Mono / Polarized
Model M

Latest Sensor Technology

With latest global shutter CMOS image sensor, FB Series are available with various resolutions as well as  sensors from leading manufacturers to achieves high-speed image capturing, high sensitivity and low readout noise.

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Super Speed USB 3.1 Gen1

With the USB3.1 Gen1 super speed interface, FB Series provides high speed image transferring capability.

Easy Integration

Compatible with USB3 vision and GenICam standards, FB Series offers smooth end-to-end configuration interface which reduces the integration effort and accelerates system deployment.

FB-SN-C1.7 MP1604 x 110098 fpsSony IMX4321.1”9 μmGlobalCColorUSB 3.1
FB-SN-M1.7 MP1604 x 110098 fpsSony IMX4321.1”9 μmGlobalCMonoUSB 3.1
FB-08-C/M1.7 MP1604 x 1100210 fpsSony IMX4251.1”9 μmGlobalCColor/MonoUSB 3.1
FB-19-C/M6 MP3208 x 220051 fpsSony IMX4281.1”4.5 μmGlobalCColor/MonoUSB 3.1
FB-20-C/M6 MP3208 x 220052 fpsSony IMX4201.1”4.5 μmGlobalCColor/MonoUSB 3.1
FB-32-C/M16 MP5320 x 303223 fpsSony IMX5421.1”2.74 μmGlobalCColor/MonoUSB 3.1
FB-33-C/M16 MP5320 x 303223 fpsSony IMX5321.1”2.74 μmGlobalCColor/MonoUSB 3.1
FB-37-C/M20 MP4504 x 450418 fpsSony IMX5411.1”2.74 μmGlobalCColor/MonoUSB 3.1
FB-38-C/M20 MP4504 x 450418 fpsSony IMX5311.1”2.74 μmGlobalCColor/MonoUSB 3.1
FB-N3-C24 MP5320 x 460015.2 fpsSony IMX5401.2”2.74 µmGlobalCColorUSB 3.1
FB-N3-M24 MP5320 x 460015.2 fpsSony IMX5401.2”2.74 µmGlobalCMonoUSB 3.1
FB-39-C/M24 MP5320 x 460015 fpsSony IMX5301.2”2.74 μmGlobalCColor/MonoUSB 3.1
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