Revolutionizing Factory Automation: Introducing Machine Vision Cameras with High-Speed Autofocus and Remote Zoom/Focus Control Capability

4/20/2023    Taipei, Taiwan

Our revolutionary machine vision camera is the first GenIcam-compatible camera with high-speed autofocus and remote zoom/focus control, offering users exceptional flexibility and control. Unlike manual focusing, this autofocus camera quickly and accurately focuses on the clearest image, guaranteeing precision in industrial applications.

Traditionally, X-Y tables have been used to adjust the focal distance in situations where it changes over time. However, this method has several drawbacks, including increased complexity, higher costs, and slower processing times. Our machine vision camera eliminates the need for repeated manual adjustments, saving time and costs. In certain situations, our camera provides a superior and less cumbersome alternative to conventional X-Y tables by remotely modifying the zoom and focus of the lens, making it ideal for objects that frequently change position and hard-to-reach or hazardous locations.

Our innovative technology helps industries improve production processes, quality, and efficiency. We remain committed to ongoing innovation in the machine vision industry to help our customers achieve their target applications.

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