Factory Automation Camera with SWIR Sensor

 12/16/2020    Taipei, Taiwan

The new developed SWIR machine vision cameras equipped with Sony’s SenSWIR technology break through several limitations which have been seen in current industrial applications.

The wide band image sensor is capable to sense from 400nm spectral to 1700nm spectral simultaneously. Through the new developed manufacturing process and design, this new sensor solves the problems which exist in current SWIR sensors. It reduces the defective pixels and improve the uniformity greatly. It also enables us to reduce the pixel size to achieve 1.3M resolution from VGA format. And the new optical black design eliminates the needs of outer memory and calibration process.

More information as following:

  • USB3.1 Interface models: FB-W4-M, FB-W2-M
  • GigE Interface models: FE-W4-M, FE-W2-M
  • SWIR and Visible Sensing Capability
  • Global shutter
  • Compatible with USB3 / GigE vision and GenICam standard
  • Up to 1.31 Megapixels

Note: W4 refers to 0.33 Megapixels and W2 refers to 1.31 Megapixels

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