The Smallest Corner Camera in the world

3/27/2020    Taipei, Taiwan

The smallest corner camera in the world, S6-A, carries a unique, refreshing design to assimilate into the environment or interior decorations of the space.
The quick-release camera module is accessible from the front of the camera, providing easiness and simplicity for installation, maintenance, repairing and replacement.

Moreover, S6-A features zero blind spot field of view, and the latest developed engine, it delivers outstanding high dynamic range plus excellent low light performance, ensuring sharp image quality for surveillance through the day.

S6-A is the next-generation professional camera which offers a unique solution for critical environments like correctional institution, healthcare facilities, elevator, detention center, etc

New S6-A Corner Camera Key Feature:

  • Smallest size corner camera
  • Quick release, fast installation design
  • Zero blind spot coverage
  • Outstanding high dynamic range
  • Excellent low light performance
  • Built-in IRLED
  • Vandal Proof IK10

The camera line is ready and available, please contact sales or visit our office to see product demonstration at:
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Dynacolor Japan Office, 202 Hirakawa-cho court, 1-1-1 Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0093 (Tel: +81-3-3265-0037)

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