To reduce environmental impacts, Dynacolor Inc. adopts EMS environmental management system and
has already attained ISO 14001 certification in 2014.

Environmental Complaints Mechanism

There is no environment-related complaint since the company was founded in 1991.

Reduce the Use of Natural Resources

Dynacolor Inc. follows government’s energy saving policy, helps the market promote energy conservation & carbon reduction strategies, and implements the concept of environmental protection in company’s daily operations. Dynacolor extends the operation of document digitalization to make company’s document management system more efficient, energy saving, and paperless.

Moreover, to achieve sustainable development of natural resources, Dynacolor dedicates to improving the utilization efficiency of resources and adopt materials with low impact on environment (e.g. plastic pallets & anti-static plastic boxes).

Waste Minimization & Recycling

Dynacolor Inc. make vigorous efforts to promote online approval system for official documents, paperless office, and paper recycling system. Otherwise, all the Dynacolor factories adopt waste sorting and recycling regulations to raise environmental awareness. To implement the environmental protection, related operations and ISO 14001 environmental management system, Dynacolor chooses general affairs department as the operation department.

Raw Material Management

In order to create an environmentally friendly chain supply, Dynacolor Inc. dedicates to substance management and related international principles.

Dynacolor establishes the principles/standards such as “Hazardous Substance Management Procedure”, “Management Standards for the Environment-Related Substances” and ”Conflict-Free Metals Policy” for raw material suppliers to follow. Then, the company can ensure that the materials comply with all customers’ international principles.

Dynacolor will implement the concept of sustainable value chain with all the commercial companions and customers.

  • Hazardous Substance Management Procedure

Dynacolor Inc. uses environmentally friendly materials which comply with international regulations.The company dedicates to avoiding hazardous substance and environmental pollution. Therefore, the raw material suppliers must provide harmful substance test reports from the third party.

  • Management Standards for the Environment-Related Substances

All the raw materials must comply with the RoHS, REACH, and other substance principles related to Dynacolor’s international customers.

  • Conflict-Free Metals Policy

Human rights groups and members of EICC are calling on electronic companies to provide the latest commitment letter ver. 4.20 for implementing metal conflict-free production. Based on the urging, we promise not to use conflict minerals like Gold (Au), Tatalum (Ta), Tungsten (W) and Tin (Sn) from Democratic Republic of Congo and nearby countries. We refuse using any conflict minerals related to human rights violation and child abuse.

Supply Chain Management

Dynacolor Inc. follows a strict management regulation on supply chain. In addition to accreditation report of the new suppliers, we also have our current suppliers gone through the accreditation process on lead/delivery time and product quality. Meanwhile, to employ a consistent approach on supplier accreditation, we put environmental responsibility and human rights into concern in order to ensure the eligibility of our suppliers.

Structure of Our Supply Chain Management

Dynacolor Inc. arranges the execution items of supply chain management into three categories: pre-implementative, post-implementative and routine accreditation on performance assessment & status tracking. Furthermore, we require our new suppliers to fill their basic business information and make self-evaluation in the form. Proof documents of the preliminary review from our suppliers are also required. In the next phase, we coordinate the related departments to form the accreditation council in order to do field investigation and survey: to see if the suppliers meet our standards. After the suppliers are qualified, they need to provide declaration of metal conflict-free and non-use of RoHS 2.0 substances. As for routine accreditation, we have seasonal assessments on supplier’s lead/delivery time and product quality, annual assessments on supplier’s performance for status tracking.

Customer Health and Safety

Dynacolor Inc. obeys environmental laws and regulations at both national and international levels, e.g., RoHS 2.0 (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive (2011/65/EU): restriction on four heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium.

In addition to using less hazardous substances according to RoHS 2.0, with process improvement and product modularization, Dynacolor Inc. hopes to minimize environmental harm by adopting package simplifying procedures and using recyclable substances.

Surveillance products from Dynacolor Inc. are suitable for applications in any kind of conditions and places, capable for various kinds of installation (for both indoor and outdoor). Therefore, product safety is our priority. Based on the guarantee of EMC/EMI compliances, all our products are ensured to meet the requirements of the CE/FCC directives; thus, mass production can be started. Considering of following the UL regulations on the circuit design aspect, we apply UL-approved components. In addition, to comply with the gradually stricter environmental laws, we also implement WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) commitment and RoHS 2.0 regulations into our production of all series.

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