T2-2 Fisheye Bullet Camera Featuring Panoramic View is on Board

1/23/2019    Taipei, Taiwan

Brand-new T2-2 Panoramic Bullet Camera featuring single lens 4K and 180° seamless panoramic view. The Camera comes with clean and solid outlook that benefits from both bullet type and fisheye type camera’s merit.

Dynacolor new T2-2 IP Camera uses fisheye camera concept to handle resource image and deliver dewarped 180°panoramic view without stitching line, stitching blur and even stitching error for near object to monitor wide open area. T2-2 meets both IP66 and IK10 standard and is ready to take challenging outdoor usage.

New T2-2 model key features include:

  • Seamlessly panoramic view (without Stitching Discontinuous Region)
  • 4K real-time streaming
  • Shutter High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Vandal Proof IK10
  • 3-axis cable management bracket

While T2-2 maintained a simple design, the camera itself is powerful to handle and deliver high quality surveillance. Moreover, T2-2 is almost guaranteed to be the best price-performance surveillance camera comparing to its competitors including stitching cameras.

The T2-2 Model is ready and available, please contact sales or visit our office to see product demonstration at:
Dynacolor Taiwan HQ, No. 116 Jou Tz Street, Neihu, Taipei city, 114
Dynacolor Japan Office, 202 Hirakawa-cho court, 1-1-1 Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0093 (Tel: +81-3-3265-0037)

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Asia Pacific – sales_global@dynacolor.com.tw
Japan – info@dynacolor.co.jp

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