Electronic Image Stabilization

Unique gyro based EIS technology compensates shaky images caused by environmental vibration such as wind and passing vehicles, and produce stable images.

Auto Back Focus

Proprietary Auto Back Focus mechanism enables camera adjust back focus remotely, and is capable of executing auto focus operation, therefore offloads installation effort andachieves the best image quality with just one click.

Proprietary Algorithm for Rapid Autofocus

By adapting exclusive proprietary algorithms, our zoom lens models can always instantaneously and accurately zoom/focus target objects under different scenarios, whether during daytime or nighttime.

Dual Fisheye Dewarping

Thanks to a powerful SoC and proprietary fisheye dewarping algorithms, fisheye cameras support edge and backend dewarping. Furthermore, DynaColor offers a wide selection of lens option and dewarping algorithm, including stereographic/ equi-distance/ equi-solid projection lenses.

Dynamic Stitching

The developed dynamic stitching technology has a core process to seeking optimal seam line. The optimal seam line was computed to avoid the moving object, which solved the abnormal stitching caused by parallax influence.

High Dynamic Range

Implemented with either line-by-line, or frame-based 2 shutter HDR technology, cameras perform better image combination, lifting up HDR function to a higher level. With such function, overexposed area can be seen clearly.

Video Analytics (conventional)

Advanced video analytics feature is offered on selected models, unlocking value adding features such as people/vehicle counting, object based recognition and tracking. Combined with proprietary algorithms, all video analytics can function precisely and smoothly.

Smart Low Bitrate

Smart low bitrate technology significantly reduces bandwidth and storage consumption system-wide, while keeping great image quality both in H.264 and H.265 codec.

Superb Low Light Performances

Combined latest high sensitivity CMOS image sensor, and unique in-house noise reduction technology to deliver a family of cameras with excellent low light performance, exhibiting bright and crispy images at dark scenes.

Corridor Mode

In corridor mode, image is turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise to fit installations such as hallways, long corridors, warehouse, and tunnels to utilize the pixels that matter.

IPv6 Compatible

All cameras now support IPv6 protocol, for both webpage functions and video streaming.

HTML5 Ready

HTML5 streaming is ready on all IP cameras as well. HTML5 makes it easy for users to access IP camera via all major browsers such as Chrome/Edge/Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari across Windows and Mac OS.

Dual Iris Support

Through proprietary system and lens design, IP cameras realize P-Iris and DC-Iris functions in one lens, without changing lens.

User can choose between DC iris, and P Iris mode to adapt to different scenarios. Enable DC-iris to deliver good performance on color rolling suppression, and enable P iris to achieve maximum resolution.

Adaptive IR

Adaptive IR technology can detect and minimize overexposed area of interest, such as human faces under low-light conditions, to ensure important detail is captured.

More Technologies listed in A.I page

All Systems (P/ T/ Z/ IP) are Remotely Upgradable

PTZ is remotely upgradable for software systems, including IP system, pan, tilt and zoom block. With this feature, the maintenance costs can be greatly reduced; what’s more, the new functions can be added to the cameras instantly.

Servo Feedback

With delicate mechanism design, 721/821/831 PTZ features Servo Feedback technology, which makes the PTZ precisely return to the exact position immediately when encountering external force (tampering) or environmental vibration (earthquake, highway or harbor). Such technology ensures the target monitoring region is fully secured.


Laser focus technology can greatly improve auto focus speed and accuracy, especially under challenging lighting conditions, such as low illumination environment. This feature makes the PTZ an ideal choice for outdoor applications, such as city safety, perimeter defense, and intelligent transport systems.

Rapid Auto Focus

Unmatched processing and sensor technology can detect the subjects position in real time to achieve high-speed, high-precision auto focusing. Help you track your subjects throughout the frame, and faithfully capture them every time.

Electronic Image Stabilization

Unique gyro based EIS technology compensates shaky images caused by environmental vibration such as wind and passing vehicles, and produce stable images.

The Fastest-Moving IR PTZ on the Market

The amazingly fast and accurate panning speed, at least 300 degree per second, makes camera easier for users to move to the target objects and to efficiently capture fast-moving objects. Such features make IR PTZ the smallest and the fastest on the market.

More Technologies listed in Camera and A.I page

GigE Vision

  • Long Distance and Low cost Interface
  • x86 Client Library Ready

USB3 Vision

  • High Resolution, High Framerate
  • x86 Client Library Ready

DNN Accelerated Engine

The latest Deep Neural Network accelerated engine provides high accuracy, real-time object tracking and human face detection. Moreover, it allows simultaneous detection on multiple objects.

Detection and Recognition

DNN engine improves the accuracy of human detection analysis. Additionally, the ability to perform real-time face detection and recognition improves security, convenience, and efficiency for a variety of applications.

Detection and Recognition

DNN engine enables the users to detect and recognize the vehicle such as car, truck, and motorcycle. Together with the real-time license plate detection and recognition, it is suitable for government and city planners to make road transportation safe and efficient.

Auto Tracking

AI Accelerated Autotracking function ties in closely with PTZ’s specialty in tracking and zooming in on target. This function enables users to identify and closely follow the object in real-time.

Behavior Analytics

Human behavior analytics provided by DNN engine can identify potential security risks, make it easier for security personnel to prevent incidents or criminal activity, thereby making communities safer.

Behavior Analytics

DNN accelerated engine helps improve the car detection performance. The accuracy of stop vehicle analytics can be improved greatly as well.

Behavior Analytics

Behavior Analytics such as abandoned object detection, object removal, and camera sabotage detection can help improve public safety, for example by detecting suspicious objects.

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