Introducing our groundbreaking product: The Next Generation Multi-directional Camera (Model Q) with an innovative design

7/3/2023    Taipei, Taiwan

The new Multi-directional Camera, Model Q, revolutionizes the limitations faced by traditional models, providing our customers with an exceptional solution.

Key Features
With PCIe M.2 Interface Support, 8TB edge storage becomes a tangible reality, going beyond a mere marketing slogan

Gone are the days when high-capacity edge storage using SD cards seemed unattainable due to cost. By utilizing M.2 SSDs compatible with notebook PCs, we have significantly reduced the cost of edge storage. Now, 8TB edge storage is no longer a false promise but a practical application.

Slim and compact design, seamlessly integrating with any environment without compromising the overall interior aesthetics
With a diameter of 25.4 cm and height of 10.5 cm, our slim and compact design sets it apart from the bulkier products in the market. It seamlessly integrates with indoor or outdoor environments without compromising the overall aesthetic, allowing for maximum adaptability in various installation scenarios.

Latest Generation SoC delivers superior image performance with a resolution of 5Mx4
The advanced ISP pipeline effectively suppresses image noise while maintaining image sharpness. Compared to previous-generation SoCs, our camera achieves remarkable improvements in image quality and system power consumption.

Standard Features

  • Simplified Installation: With just one network cable required for installation, our camera saves time and costs compared to traditional multi-camera setups.
  • Support for Unlimited Network Installation Configurations: Built-in USB interface enables installers to directly connect to the camera using a USB dongle, facilitating convenient on-site adjustment and configuration of camera angles.
  • Multiple Viewing Angle Options: Flexibly configure the desired viewing angles. Each of the four vari-focal lenses allows manual pan, tilt, rotate, and twist movements, providing unparalleled flexibility.
  • Autofocus Functionality: Built-in autofocus lens allows users to remotely adjust focus settings after installation.
  • High Resolution: The combination of four lenses achieves a resolution of up to 20MP (5Mx4), ensuring exceptional clarity and capturing every detail for optimal image quality.
  • Modular Internal Design: The modular structure not only maximizes space utilization and enables compact design but also offers convenient maintenance.
  • Dual Support for M.2 SSD and SD Card: Choose between the cost-effective M.2 SSD used in notebook PCs or the traditional SD card commonly used in security applications.
  • Waterproof, Vandal-proof, and Dustproof, making the Multi-directional Camera (Model Q) an ideal choice for various application scenarios.

In summary, the Multi-directional Camera, Model Q, offers convenience, cost savings, and enhanced surveillance capabilities. Upgrade now and elevate your monitoring capabilities to new heights!

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